• Smoke or heat detectors connected to an intruder alarm system

  • Consultation with the local fire officer

  • Fully analogue addressable networked systems

  • Emergency lighting and smoke evacuation systems

  • Complete installation including cabling

Fire Detection

Smoke Ventilation


In a dometic situation it is possible to connect smoke or heat detectors into the intruder alarm system. This increases the level of fire protection and gives a greater degree of comfort to the customer.


For the commercial user Claymore will assess the needs of the business and, in conjuction with the local fire officer, recommend the most appropriate level of cover and equipment to be installed.


Claymore has installed various systems in many different business premises, including fully analogue addressable networked systems, emergency lighting and smoke evacuation systems.


Smoke evacuation systems or smoke ventilation must be installed in public buildings. The main purpose of these systems is to extract smoke by the simplest method of ventng through a window or roof light. This creates a chimney by means of a through draught. By clearing a smoke-filled area the risk of asphyxiation is reduced and people caught inside the building can find exits more quickly. Fire fighters also benefit from the added smoke reduction.


It is essential that Claymore is involved with this type of installation from the very beginning of the project, the planning stage is crucial and Claymore's involvement could prevent problems later on.


Claymore can carry out the entire installation including cabling. Once the system is complete it is tested and commissioned in accordance with the fire officers requirements