East Lothian Security
  • SSAIB accredited

  • Free survey and written quotation

  • Outright sales policy

  • DualCom

  • Maintenance contracts

Intruder Alarms

Companies installing intruder alarms and other security systems are subject to a very close examination of methods of practice and installation standards. The SSAIB is one of the inspectorates responsible for enforcing this.


Claymore Alarm is the premier name in East Lothian Security and has full SSAIB accreditation.  Customers can be assured of the very best standards of service. A free survey is given and followed up by a written quotation. Once this has been accepted the work will be scheduled to start.


When comparing quotations from other companies, check that your quotation is on an outright sale basis. Some companies offer a low installation cost followed by regular monthly payments over a fixed term. This can prove to be very costly. Claymore has an outright sale policy.


Intruder alarms can be audible only, connected to an alarm receiving centre (ARC) via a telephone line (digital communicator) or covered by DualCom. You will be advised on which type of montoring would be suitable for your premises at the time of your survey.


Claymore also offers a maintenance contract to all customers. For a small annual fee systems can be covered for parts and labour for three years (after three years a charge will be made for any faulty equipment). The maintenance contract also ensures that an engineer will visit once a year to check the system and test all components. ACPOS policy states the Police will only attend an activated system if the maintenance contract is kept up-to-date. The first year's maintenance is included in the installation cost.